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60 years of innovation for sports enthusiasts !

An outdoor equipment manufacturer since 1964, Cimalp is an innovative and committed French brand that designs technical and durable clothing and accessories that are affordable for all mountain enthusiasts. Outdoor equipment designed with passion and respect for nature, for the comfort and performance of sportsmen and women. From hiking and mountaineering to trail running and skiing, Cimalp equips and protects adventurers and mountaineers, with the aim of encouraging a connection with nature, adventure and personal achievement.

Its leitmotiv for the past 60 years: connecting people to the mountains.

Why a partnership Trace de Trail / Cimalp ? The Trace de Trail team regularly explores the terrain to design permanent trail routes in the mountains, plains and coastal areas of France and Europe. With often more than 10 hours a day spent on the trails, summer or winter, we need quality equipment that is technical, light, functional, hard-wearing and suited to all weather conditions! Cimalp meets our needs with a wide range of products developed with trail and outdoor expertise.

Cimalp products used by the Trace de Trail team: A lot ! Our best-off : veste STORM - pantalon Fast EVO - Short Vesubie

unlimited creativity and innovation !

Spécialiste de la technologie sportive de performance, COROS aide les athlètes à s'entraîner pour donner le meilleur d'eux-mêmes. En associant matériel de haute qualité et technologie innovante, COROS fournit aux athlètes en quête d'endurance l'équipement sur lequel ils peuvent compter dans les environnements les plus extrêmes de la planète. Les produits COROS sont conçu , testé et perfectionné pour l'athlète, par l'athlète, avec des technologies de pointe associés à une expérience utilisateur efficace et intuitive. Les utilisateurs de COROS ont établi des records du monde et sont allés explorer les plus hauts sommets de la planète, mettant les produits COROS à l'épreuve de l'extrême.

Why a partnership Trace de Trail / COROS ? ? When it is time to check out new trail-running routes, the Trace de Trail team needs precise, sturdy watches with excellent battery life. COROS watches provide all this, while being comprehensive and easy to use.

COROS watches used by the Trace de Trail team : APEX 2 - APEX 2 Pro - VERTIX 2 - PACE 3

spécialiste des sacs d'hydratation

A French brand created in the heart of the Volcans d'Auvergne in 2008, Oxsitis was born of an innovation that revolutionized sports hydration: a system that allows you to choose between drinking water or an energy mix at the flick of a switch, while preserving the hygiene of your water bag. For 16 years, Oxsitis has been constantly innovating with highly functional, practical, technical and durable products.

Why a partnership Trace de Trail / OXSITIS ? The Trace de Trail team has been using Oxsitis bags for several years, both in races and when checking out routes in the countryside. We've tried and tested the quality and reliability of Oxsitis products. So it was a natural step for us to join forces!

Oxsitis products used by Trace de Trail team : Gravity 10 - Ace16 - Enduro30 - Adventure40

Cyrille Quintard
Photojournalist specializing in trail running

Cyrille is a professional photographer specializing in outdoor and mountain sports, and trail running in particular. He captures trail moments and events with his expert eye. His creativity and the quality of his photos are renowned in the trail world !

Why a Trace de Trail / Cyrille Quintard partnership ? we discovered Cyrille's talent very quickly and his photos immediately captivated us. ! And as well as taking great photos, Cyrille is a great person to work with. Today, Cyrille's photos illustrate most of our Trace de Trail and Trail Connect pages. Thank you Cyrille !

The must-have trail magazine !

Created by a runner for runners 10 years ago, Nature Trail has set itself apart by offering a new vision of the sport. It was an immediate success! The secret? High-quality reports, specially produced for the magazine and always illustrated by superb images captured by the best photographers. A real breath of fresh air, like an invitation to travel, that resonates with novices and seasoned racers alike.

Why a Trace de Trail / Nature Trail partnership ? The Trace de Trail website and Nature Trail magazine were born in the same year, sharing the same passion for trail running. It's naturally that we've joined forces to share our passion with the magazine's readers, and propose in each edition of the magazine, a selection of Trace de Trail routes to discover !