Adding sections and alternative routes

On this page, learn how to use the tools allowing to create a section or an alternative route on your track

1. Creating sections
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Creating sections allow you to highlight certain portions of the route by coloring them on the map and on the elevation profile such as: hazardous parts, ski lifts, swimming parts, etc...

How to create a section?

  • In the leftside menu, go to Step 7 "Sections"
  • Click on + to create a new section
  • Place your starting (green pin) and finish (red pin) points on the map
  • Give your section a name and a description (it will appear in the form of a tooltip)
  • Chose a style (color, type of line, width)
  • Save the section

2.Adding alternative routes
Premium and Premium Pro suscribers

You can create alternative routes that will be displayed directly on your track (shortcut, fallback alternative, etc...)

How to create an alternative route?

  • Draw your alternative route as if you were creating a new track
  • Save this alternative route as a draft
  • On the page of the track where you want to add the alternative route, go to edit mode and:
  • Go to step 8 "Alternative routes"
  • Click on "Add an alternative route". Your alternative route will now be added automatically.
  • You can customize the name, color and description by clicking on it.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to edit your alternative route from your main track's page. If you plan on editing the alternative route, save it as a new track to be able to edit it and re-import it in the future